Tuesday, March 24, 2009


When an individual dies with or without a Will, assets in his or her name alone often cannot be distributed without court permission. Many people think that if they have a will, that this fact keeps them from having to go through the resulting Court proceeding, known as 'Probate'. What they don't know is that having a will in most cases actually guarantees Probate. If a person dies without a will (known as 'dying intestate') the same Probate process is required to re-title property. Our attorneys and paralegals are extremely qualified to represent executors, administrators and trustees through the entire Administration process - everything from the preparation of the estate petition to the formal or informal settlement of the estate accounting and the distribution of assets to beneficiaries. This representation also includes the resolution of any and all issues involving creditors and beneficiaries and the preparation of estate and fiduciary income tax returns. If you are the one responsible for handling the final affairs of a loved one and don't know which way to turn, give us a call. We can help.